Film Review: The Florida Project


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Originally posted on Star Central Magazine on 13 October 2017

Most people always dubbed Disney World as “the happiest place on Earth,”—a truism that has been etched in everyone’s minds and has come to symbolise a magical sanctuary for children and adults alike.  However, “The Florida Project,” tells a different story of a marginalised community that lives in shadows of Disney World’s merry exterior. Continue reading “Film Review: The Florida Project”

Film Review- The Man Who Invented Christmas


Originally posted on 4th October 2017 on Star Central Magazine

“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens is a kind of tale that you would like to share amongst a group of bright-eyed children near a crackling fireplace and a Christmas spruce. There is something about this Charles Dickens’ classic novella that encapsulates the warmth and joy of Christmas. Based on the same book title “The Man Who Invented Christmas,” by Les Standiford, the film is vivid re-invention of a classic novel where it ventures to the imaginative mind of Charles Dickens. Continue reading “Film Review- The Man Who Invented Christmas”


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Originally posted on the 26th September 2017 on 

Compelling would be an understatement when it comes to describing “I Am Not Your Negro,” directed by Raoul Peck. Based on the unfinished manuscript, “Remember This House,” by James Baldwin, this incredibly thoughtful film essay which interweaves a mosaic of historical archives and modern day footage. With the soothing narration by Samuel L. Jackson, it tackles a galvanising subject matter of racism between the blacks and white people. Continue reading “FILM REVIEW-I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO”

Film Review- Blades of the Immortal


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Originally posted on September 12th, 2017 on 

The thing about Asian period movies is that you probably expect a typical “I will avenge you” trope, which probably makes up fifty percent of the genre. Although “Blades of the Immortal” is not your average “I will avenge you” movie, rather it shifts the focus on the moral grey-areas of revenge and its repercussions and the cursed immortality. Directed by Takashi Miike, this film is said to be his hundredth, based on the manga of the same title, by Hiroaki Samura. It is a perfect choice for Miike to adapt the manga series, as it has more than its fair share of idiosyncratic characters, well-choreographed sword fighting scenes and bizarre weapons.  Continue reading “Film Review- Blades of the Immortal”

Film Review-Ali’s Wedding

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Originally posted on the 3rd September 2017 at StarCentralMagazine. com

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It took a while, but Ali’s Wedding has set a unique precedent when it comes to translating the Australian immigrant story onto the big screen. Dubbed “Australia’s First Muslim Rom-Com,” it premieres on August 31st and based on Osamah Sami’s true and unfortunate events of his life, in which he fabricated his medical entrance exam, got deported from America due to a play about Saddam Hussein and escaped from an arranged marriage to chase after the girl of his dreams. Continue reading “Film Review-Ali’s Wedding”