Film Review: The Florida Project


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Originally posted on Star Central Magazine on 13 October 2017

Most people always dubbed Disney World as “the happiest place on Earth,”—a truism that has been etched in everyone’s minds and has come to symbolise a magical sanctuary for children and adults alike.  However, “The Florida Project,” tells a different story of a marginalised community that lives in shadows of Disney World’s merry exterior. Continue reading “Film Review: The Florida Project”

Film Review-Ali’s Wedding

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Originally posted on the 3rd September 2017 at StarCentralMagazine. com

(For some reason, in the original link the author name of the article is “Hollie”. I swear I wrote this.)

It took a while, but Ali’s Wedding has set a unique precedent when it comes to translating the Australian immigrant story onto the big screen. Dubbed “Australia’s First Muslim Rom-Com,” it premieres on August 31st and based on Osamah Sami’s true and unfortunate events of his life, in which he fabricated his medical entrance exam, got deported from America due to a play about Saddam Hussein and escaped from an arranged marriage to chase after the girl of his dreams. Continue reading “Film Review-Ali’s Wedding”

Film Review – A Ghost Story


Originally posted on 1st August 2017 on  

There is a certain type of quality about the Ghost Story which leaves you in awe when it comes to watching this movie. Although, the title implies it could’ve been a horror movie—it rather an endearing slice of life movie about legacy, loss and the essential human longing for meaning and connection. Continue reading “Film Review – A Ghost Story”