Fashions of Multicultural Australia: Wearing the Badge of Heritage Honour

An Original Star Central Magazine Article Fashion diplomacy has never been rich in cultural diversity at the Fashions of Multicultural Australia.  The event has enlisted the support of 15 country embassies including, Korea, India, Russia, Ireland, Chile, Pakistan, China and Indonesian. The first of its kind, fashion runaway has showcased 20 designers across 30 differentContinue reading “Fashions of Multicultural Australia: Wearing the Badge of Heritage Honour”

ALTR Created Diamonds: A Glistening Innovation of the Gems

Originally published in Star Central Magazine on 19th September 2018  A desire of a diamond is a testament to its craftsmanship—the polish surface, the delicate precision of the cut, the pristine crystal clarity, no wonder it can be sentimental when it comes to giving this gem to your beloved. ALTR Created Diamonds has sown thisContinue reading “ALTR Created Diamonds: A Glistening Innovation of the Gems”

Yell-oh! TV: A New Network By Phoenix Eye

Note: Thought I start posting my past articles from Star central magazine since I’m in 2020 quarantine. Originally published on 28th July 2018 in the Star Central Magazine. If Wong Fu Productions magically becomes Australian, then Yell-oh! TV would be its incarnation. On the 28th July at the Fairfield School of Arts, Phoenix Eye celebratesContinue reading “Yell-oh! TV: A New Network By Phoenix Eye”

When the Brush paints Oceania

Originally posted the 15 December 2017 on Star Central Magazine  The paint and the brush came together and illustrated a beautiful picture called the Oceania Women Opera, with recurring strokes of faith, heritage and music. Donina Va’a, Project Director/Lead Executive Pacific Women’s Professional Business Network INC and Maestro Iglese Ete, an esteemed composer, the saidContinue reading “When the Brush paints Oceania”

Pacific International Runaway 2017

A Star Central Magazine Original Article  “Witness the Movement,” is the tagline to the Pacific International Runaway. Those compelling yet straightforward three words encapsulate the importance of diversity, in the name of fashion. On the 21st October 2017, the movement has indeed sprung up again, bigger than ever, as it was held at the prestigiousContinue reading “Pacific International Runaway 2017”